Here Comes The Bipartisan Barrage


Very soon, the liberal media and Democrats will be shouting the need for bipartisanship in Washington. Over the years I have heard this rallying cry many times and it always ends up meaning the same thing.


Compromise is a tough thing to do. Everyone wants everything they want and it is not a fun job to choose what to give up and often times give in and let the other side get something you may find unpalatable. What I have seen over the years is many of the politicians benefiting from stalemate.

It is much easier to blame the opposition and do nothing than to negotiate with your opponent and then explain to your constituency why you compromised to some terms while succeeding on others. It is always much easier to blame the other person and then do nothing.

When the Democrats pushed through the Affordable Care Act, they did this with the slimmest margin and there was no compromise with the Republicans. This was a major piece of legislation that would have a dramatic effect on every person in the country and have long lasting effects for years to come.

Why is everyone so surprised that it is now the target to be dismantled by the Republican voters now that they have the majority and the White House? What politicians seem to have forgotten is that there is a huge added benefit to negotiation. Once the deal is done, no one is in a hurry to go back and change it because both sides have already agreed.

Democrats have to learn the real meaning of compromise if we are to ever have any chance to improve some of the problems in this country. When President Obama lost the majority in Congress, his inability to negotiate tith the Republicans became incredibly obvious by his famous line “I have a phone and I have a pen.”

When he had a majority, he ignored the Republicans and pushed through legislation passed by his party alone. When he lost that majority, he was so rigid, he pretended that he could legislate without Congress.

Now we are preparing to see how the Democrats will work with President Trump and I have to tell you that I am not optimistic. With almost seventy Democrats refusing to attend the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, I see this as drawing a line in the sand. With cries of “Illegitimate President” and instructing their political operatives to riot and protest, it is easy to see that they have no intention of being civil and sitting down at the negotiation table.

I fear they will try to resist all attempts to compromise and just verbally attack every idea and proposal. Again, it is easier to complain and do nothing.

The one flaw in this tactic is when change does occur and improvements in the economy as well as other issues that have been problems for years. I believe there are enough Democrats that see this possibility and will hopefully be open to discussion. They know if that change for the better occurs and they are on the opposite side when it happens, they will not get the credit.

President Trump has been negotiating his entire business career. What we as Republicans need to do is let our own representatives, both Republican and Democrat, know that we want them all to work together. Debate these issues instead of hurling insults. Talk about real issues that effect us rather than politically charged issues that have little to do with every day Americans.